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Edward Massie Gardens - jason wasley and ashley green

Coming Soon….Edward Massie Gardens

Aqua Construction have just broken ground on a new Gloucester City Homes development. The will consist of  15 new affordable flats within the site at Edward Massie Gardens, Matson. Pictured above is Jason Wasley (Managing Director at Aqua Construction) and Ashley Green (Chief Executive at GCH).

We are currently in phase 2 of the social housing development program, to supply affordable housing to the Gloucester residents. We developed 24 affordable homes within the Matson area alone during phase one. Currently 2 of the phase 2 sites have been handed over with the final 3 due for completion this year.

We’re very pleased to have secured this development as it means we are able to supply the residents with the much needed affordable housing. It will consist of 12 two-bedroom flats and 3 one-bedroom flats, as well as new parking facilities. Previously the site was used as a car park/green area, because of this the area behind the flats will be landscaped.

Our team started development during late November/ early December 2017 on the Edward Massie Site and is due to be completed towards the end of 2018.

Wellington Street


Coming Soon

Aqua have recently secured planning permission for a fantastic development in the heart of Gloucester City Centre. We will be working on the turnkey project aside Two Rivers with aims of completion in early 2018.

The development will consist of 22 one/two bedroom flats available for social housing. This will be a huge but rewarding project for both companies with the satisfaction of providing homes for those looking to live city central.

It has been a long anticipated wait to take on this project and Aqua are keen to get the build underway as immediate as possible.

Managing Director Jason Wasley says “We are keen to get stuck into this project and provide some much needed social housing to the area.”

Securing this contract means that the company will be able to create and develop much needed new apprenticeships and training opportunities.